(8.5 inch x 11 inch ) 300dpi or higher resolution

For Online posting INCLUDED


Unlike an advertisement block, an advertisement with events, or an online advertisement. Full-page advertisements can not be ignored because it is an entire page and will be mixed within the hardcopy magazine instead of towards the back in the advertisement classifieds.

Pro Benefits:

  • A full-page advertisement is included within the magazine's classified section.

  • You do not share space with other advertisements on this page; it is all focused on your business or brand.

  • Your advertisement will be placed in our physical hardcopy magazine, available in 20-100 retail stores across the country.

  • Your advertisement will be featured in the online advertisement with every magazine online under Magazine Info.

  • (1) New advertisement design per month of contract term *If needed*

  • Your ad will be presented wherever car enthusiasts show off their magazine feature. (Car and truck shows, car and truck cruises, car meets, rallies, and anywhere someone featured in the magazine travels to). Enthusiasts will show off this magazine for many years.

  • Physical is always better than digital (our opinion).

  • A banner on each page of magazine contract term (Design and size is below)

Con Benefits:

  • It is the most expensive while also being the most effective.

  • No one-month option is available (3-month, 6-month, 1-year, and more only).

  • Only two full-page advertisements are available in our hard copy magazine.